About me

Accurate, thorough, on-time editing

Sean Sampson Editor and Proofreader

I’m an editor. I’ve been editing for the last 16 years. Editing isn’t just about picking out typos and bad grammar and being able to use an apostrophe correctly. It’s also about making the most of the writer’s work, ensuring consistent style and organizing the content.

Over the years, I’ve worked on a large variety of material: news and features for newspapers and news agencies, reports and working papers for a think tank, legal and business documents for a translation agency, family memoirs, PhD theses, and so on.

Please note that I don’t edit fiction, poetry, scientific or technical work.

I am a native speaker of British English and that is the language I edit in.

I graduated with an LLB honours degree in law from the University of Liverpool, with an MA in European politics and economics from the University of West London and trained as a journalist and editor at the London School of Journalism.

In addition to English, I also speak and read German, French and Hungarian.

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